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Duru Coarse Bulgur 1kg

Coarse bulgur is the most common and famous type of bulgur both in the World and Turkey. The grains ..

Duru Coarse Bulgur with Vermicelli 1kg

Coarse bulgur with vermicelli is a mix of roasted vermicelli and coarse bulgur. It contains 25% roas..

Duru Baldo Rice 1kg

Baldo rice is assumed to be the best quality type of rice grown in Turkey. Baldo rice, grown in Balı..

Duru Extra Coarse Bulgur 1kg

Extra Coarse Bulgur, which is bigger than course bulgur, looks like a half of a wheat grain. This bu..

Duru Extra Extra Bulgur 1Kg

Extra extra coarse bulgur is a wholegrain type of bulgur which looks like whole wheat which deliciou..

Duru Fine Bulgur 1kg

Fine bulgur is a popular kind of bulgur in the world which is used in meatballs and salad like “tabb..

Duru Osmancik Rice 1kg

Osmancik Rice is a kind of rice that is grown in Turkey which is developed by Agricultural Research ..

Duru Ram Chickpea (Kocbasi 9MM) 1kg

Due to its appearance which looks like a ram; it is called ram chickpea in Turkey. The size of this ..

Duru Red Round Lentils 1kg

Red round lentils is obtained by peeling the outer shell of the raw lentil and then oiling the inner..

Duru White Kidney Bean 1kg (Dermason)

White kidney bean is a kind of Turkish bean whose grain color is white and whose grain shape is kidn..

Emin Black Lentils 1 Kg

Emin Black Lentils 1 Kg ..

Emin Green Lentils 1 Kg Yerli

Emin Green Lentils 1 Kg..

Emin Koftelik Bulgur (Coarse ) 1 kg Yerli

Emin Koftelik Bulgur (Coarse ) 1 kg 100 % Origin Turkey ..

Osmancik Rice 1 kg

Osmancik Rice 1 kg Yerli ..

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