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Fulya Triple Meat 3*335g

roduct FeaturesYellowIngredients: 54% chicken, chicken fat, water, chicken collagen, wheatflour..

Efepasa Kangal Sucuk 1Kg

1000 Gr x 9 Pcs..

Efepasa Parmak Sucuk 1Kg

Efepasa Parmak Sucuk 1Kg..

Efepasa Yonca Parmak 500 Gr

Efepasa Yonca  Parmak 500 Gr..

Fulya Garlic Sausage 1000g (Sucuk)

Product FeaturesTurkish-Style Garlic Sausage, with Turkey and Chicken • Ingredients: Beef, chic..

Fulya Sliced Spicy Chicken Salami 200g

Product FeaturesIngredients: Poultry meat (turkey meat, chicken meat) (82%), chicken tallow wit..

Green Plum 500 Gr.

500 Gr. Green Plum..

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